How To Make Good Trouble In The Psychic Realm

Maia Mitchell as Callie Adams-Foster on Freeform’s Good Trouble

On Freeform’s television drama Good Trouble, Maia Mitchell plays Callie Adams-Foster. Callie Adams-Foster is the product of a corrupt California foster care system, but luckily she is adopted by a lesbian couple and allowed to thrive in their home along with her biological brother Jude and her foster siblings Jesus, Mariana, and Brandon. Upon graduating from law school Callie decides to devote her life to social justice, but she does this by going outside the system, creating disruption, and making “good trouble”.

How can we, in our psychic lives, make our own “good trouble”? How can we disrupt the demonic system, and subvert the curses and hexes that are oppressing us? Let El Gypto help you make an action plan. The time for praxis has come!

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