The Secrets To Runes

El Gypto’s “Rune Board”

Mainstream rune wielders, the type you’d find on social media brainwashing programs like Instagram and Youtube probably put their runes into a bag and then dump them out. They probably read the runes and make up all kinds of crazy mumbo jumbo to help spread mainstream media’s agenda.

The way El Gypto uses runes is different, it’s different and powerful.

I use a rune board to amplify the magic of my sun-charged runes.

I use runes made of crystals found only on the moon.

I can use the power of earth’s own stars to fire a rune blast directly at the demons whose claws are embedded in your soul.

So, are you sick of the mainstream, new age, ineffective approach to runes?

Are you ready to see your runes in a new way?

Hire El Gypto today and unlock the secrets of the runes!

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