Can You Pass The Chrissy Metz Test?

Chrissy Metz as Kate Pearson on This Is Us. What can she teach us about power?

On a recent episode of the NBC television family drama This Is Us, star Chrissy Metz (who plays plus-sized ingenue Kate Pearson) feels challenged after her husband Toby (Chris Sullivan) offers to get her a Taxi to take her to the top of a steep hill in the city of San Francisco while she is there visiting him (as circumstances have led to Toby working a long-distance job away from Kate and their two children in Los Angeles).

Kate refuses the offer of a taxi and decides to walk up the hill using her own power, despite her plus size. Kate doesn’t let her size hold her back, she makes it up that hill, even if it means having her dress soaked in sweat.

What can we learn from Kate Pearson’s outsized power? How can we apply this to our own psychic life and well-being?

Well first off, identify your hill. What is the obstacle that you feel challenged by, and who is “the Toby” in your life who is keeping you from defeating this obstacle? Practice exerting your power on them, even if it means destroying them. Then use that same power to push you up to the top of that hill, you may end up soaked in sweat, but if you don’t, it probably means you didn’t push your powers hard enough.

Be like Kate Pearson, get to the top of your psychic hill, and smash your goals with the help of a real psychic mentor!

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