Three Recession Proof Ways To Rock A Psychic Aesthetic

Recession? Ah!!! El Gypto is here to help!

The economy being in terrible shape is no excuse to indulge in your worst fashion instincts. A large part of your psychic mojo comes from your exterior look.

As a favor to psychics on a budget, I have picked my three most essential psychic fashion items that even the poorest psychic can afford!

  1. Men’s plus size Henley shirt. In a brown Henley you’ll keep warm while keeping your heart open to the stars.
Recession-Proof Henley Shirt

2. Big & Tall Dockers® Ultimate Straight-Leg Shorts

When you have a nightmare about the stars, about dead worlds light-years away, worlds full of demons and zombies, you won’t mind pooping these Big & Tall Dockers® in Ultimate Straight-Leg Shorts out of fear, they don’t stain easily as long as you wash them right away.

Brown Short

3. St. John’s Bay Northport Mens Sneakers

Step out on the town in these affordable but stylish St. John’s Bay Northport Men’s Sneakers.

Up close and personal with St. John’s Bay! This “Psychic 4 Hire’ wouldn’t have it any other way!

If you dig this clothing advice and would like even more psychic advice, why not get in touch with a real “Psychic 4 Hire”?

El Gypto: Psychic 4 Hire

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